Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quickie review...

I got the Protectrobots KO set last week and thought I'd share some quick thoughts about it...

- The box is a spot-on replica of the original.

- The toys have no rub signs on them--but they are included as optional stickers. Furthermore, they do work! (Unlike with my KO Shockwave).

- Some of the toys weren't finished/filed down properly and had little bits of plastic on them where there should've been none (extra little gob of plastic on First Aid's leg which I removed. Others had this sort of thing too).

- Blades plastic feels a bit thinner then my original toy does. He's not brittle or anything--but he does feel a little bit thinner to the touch.

- All the toys have metal parts on them (my three originals were all plastic).

- Some of the paint could be better. Hot Spot's eye has a black streak on it because the paint was done cheaply. (It's hard to see but it's there).

A decent effort, all in all. I've seen better and also far worse. As a substitute for the real thing, this is okay (I would still prefer an official reissue though).

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