Friday, January 16, 2009

Warlog Weekly 2009-02: Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 02

Warlog Weekly 2009-01: Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 02

Welcome to part 2 where it becomes clear that Larry's awakening did not go unnoticed.....
So here it is:(click for bigger image)

Since many of you may not have read the first parts I am providing an opportunity to catch up.

There are many ways to go about it, one is ofcourse click on the message below or perhaps you can go to my public SkyDrive on windows live.

To view or download Warlog Weekly episodes, click on this link.

To view or download Warlog or Transmaster related material, click on this link.

and finally,
To download Warlog Weekly collected, click on this link.(1.2Mb)

Because of my upcoming birthday, I have decided to change the weekly schedule a bit.
the next story, Inauguration, will be available this Tuesday, and the adventures of Larry continue 30th Januari.

Greetings, Enjoy, and see you Tuesday the 20th !

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