Saturday, January 10, 2009

two quick notes...

1) In case anyone's wondering why I haven't reviewed Maximum Dinobots, the answer is simple: I haven't seen it anywhere I live. Issue #1 came out along with two other TF titles and I couldn't find it. Issue #2 came out a week or so ago and it's nowhere to be found either. My theory on why this is, is that the comic shops are getting two or three TF titles simultaneously on Wednesday. They know the titles don't sell that well, so they pick one at random (or perhaps at Diamond's suggestion) and order ten issues of it while neglecting the other title(s) entirely, hence no Maximum Dinobots. I recall two other TF titles came out with MD #1 and MD #2 had the ROTF prequel issue out at the same time--a title there is ten issues of at my comic shop (and one that I don't care about at all). Granted, I should get a comic file/subscription so it's kind of my fault I didn't get them but one would assume they'd get enough stock to satisfy walk-in customers too. As it is, I might as well wait for the TPB now (in June) as getting these comics off eBay isn't worth the extra cost to me.

2) My Heroes and Legends story serial is still going. I have the Prowl segment done in rough draft, I just need to get around to finishing it up and posting it, which should be soon (I've been sick for the past couple of weeks so I haven't gotten much done).

- Thunder

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