Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My project for next year.

As I have mentioned here and there over the last few months I am working on a new project which should hopefully push my skills further forward.
it's called:

in short, Warlog Weekly.
My aim is to publish a (newspaper strip format) strip every week starting 02 january. in between there will be specials(which may be bigger or smaller) but those will be announced in time. below is the schedule for january
02 jan-Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 00(full page flashback)
09 jan-Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 01
16 jan-Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 02
23 jan-Inauguration
30 jan-Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 03

Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment is a continuation from what happened in the Transmaster Comics seen in previous years, Inauguration is something special.

So....these are my good intentions for 2009, I really hope that I can keep up with the schedule.

Be safe when using fireworks and see you in 2009 !!!!!!!!!


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