Thursday, October 11, 2007

Warlog Volume 2, Issue 2 finished !

Actually I finished the art yesterday at 03:00 AM but the final touches required another night so here it is.


Warlog Issue 2. (Trial of Superion part 2 of 5)
10 pages.
3.3 Mb size
cbr format
Next issue 12 December 2007 !

If any of you read it, could you please give comment/remarks so I can make it a better issue ! via mail or below this box....

now I can continue drawing for the Transmasters comic.....

greetings Johan,
This Saturday......AMSTERDAM.....IMAX.....TRANSFORMERS !!!!


Thunder said...

Cool! Nice to see some more fan media... I do hope the Aerialbots can get it together or they're slag.

UberNerdyBoy said...

Thanks, your comments are appreciated !
gr Johan