Thursday, October 11, 2007

Classics Bumblebee Animation

I know I've been promising to get this done up for a while now. I think the files were sitting around for probably a year now. The drawings are by hand, of course, and the compositioning was completed through a combination of Corel Draw and Ultimate Paint. I'm posting the .wmv version because it's smaller and hopefully you can all watch it. I had originally made an animated .gif file format, but at this size it was 9 megs compared to under 1 in .wmv format. I hope you like it.

BTW: I have also created a myspace account where I've been posting pics of what I've been up to, some of my non-TF sci fi/fantasy stuff and about me articles. (In case you were curious). This video below and that one I did of my Buzzsaw repaint are also posted there.

I've also begun to upload some of my oil painting work and photographs to the deviant art page. A project I've begun is to try to scan all my family's pictures and I'll probably post some of them there too, who knows someone might buy something?


Thunder said...

That's some neat-o animation there! Wish I knew how to do stuff like that... Good job! :)

UberNerdyBoy said...

Hi, great job. If you ask me it looks like an animated gif. btw I saw your proposed cover for the transmasters comic 5 on deviant....awesome !
gr johan