Monday, June 11, 2007

Sorry for the extremely long absense

I hope to do better from now on. I've given the blog a bit of an updated look. Hope you like the new Movie-esque logo. I'm still trying to get a few little quirks corrected.

Basically I ended up just getting so frustrated with my job as the Security Training Supervisor for McKesson that I quit. (Gave my notice and they talked me into staying an extra two weeks, I'm just a sucker for punishment right.) So now I'm probably going to be taking a couple of months off. (If you can call working on all my parent's projects time off...not to mention my own fix up projects at the place I rent...)

I should be able to knock out the next issue of the TransMasters Comic before the end of the month and quickly follow up with an issue of the Magazine (short but sweet). Mostly the movie stuff you've probably begun to get sick of and a bit of KO Korner. Anyone else here think it sucks that Hasbro let the Official Club do Classics characters? I like the work they've put into them, just don't like the high prices and possibility these characters won't be made for the mass market. Ah well, Hasbro's tossing all it's eggs at the Movie stuff right now and I hope they don't throw away the basket too. Anyone notice how the new movie toys do not have the Takara name on them, just the Tomy one? I was sort of saddened to see this. had an article recently about the two different versions of the Speaking Optimus Prime helmet. Make sure you get the one that says "Try Me! Featuring Real Movie Voice." If you want to hear the lines done by Peter Cullen. I'm actually amazed at the quality that went into this helmet, it actually fits me and I even have enough room to put my glasses on too. 8-)

I'm hoping to finish up my Cybertron story and begin a new one with the Classics line. I ran my thesis by another fan in my area. He didn't like it, but perhaps he just doesn't see the potential. Yes, it'd be another new begining for the TFs story. (Like we need another, but to do the story the way I want it has to be done.) Short of it is in this version the Autobots are the ones that kicked *ss on Cybertron, mostly because with the Matrix and Vector Sigma under Autobot control they were able to beat back the Decepticons through sheer numbers (For every Auto that fell 10 were built). Shockwave of course was able to predict the extinction of Decepticons without an outside source for new sparks centuries ago. He implements a plan to search out and find "compatible" sparks. (Only about 10% of the human population are acceptable and they die during spark extraction.) Circa today: He's suceeded and the Decepticons have launced the Nemisis in a last ditch move to use humans as their raw material for more warriors. Warned by the Matrix, Optimus Prime takes a small group of Autobots to Earth to stop the Decepticons from possibly creating a dark matrix. For the sake of the story all G1 characters will have to still be in play, though they may look different. I'd better not say more right now, since I'm still toying with a couple of ideas with just the characters released into the toy line so far. Wonder if the Official club'd get upset if I used their botcon characters? *snicker*


Thunder said...

Glad to see you're back! I *do* like the new look of the blog--it's prettier and more dynamic!

UberNerdyBoy said...

Right..... finally remembered my account. couldn't even post a reaction ! great new look peter ! looking forward to a lot of stuff.