Monday, June 25, 2007

a little update

It seems I finally found the account data for this blog after it got lost on my harddrive/brain and thought i'd give a little update on things johan/TF/Warlog.

as I'm sure everyone has read by now, we had a Transformers convention in Holland on the 10th of June. the news was on
ofcourse I attended, be it a little later on the day due to a baptism in a church which I had to attend also.

Fan made photos of the convention can be found here:

and raymond T 's official seibertron photos:

ofcourse i'm not on these photo's, wasn't even there yet ;(
I did however participate in the Art contest they had but didn't win,
the competition was very talented !
I had "Primus" ready for some time, just promo art really and the "Ready for Battle scene" was one I made just one week before. the winning drawing of the 2 contenders was.....
"Ready for Battle"
....both drawings are shown below....

oh and I should mention that the Warlog site has gotten an overhaul since there will be 'exciting' new content on it in a couple of weeks !
Greetings Johan

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Thunder said...

Nice! I like the art on the blog--gives it more character. :) Also, thanks for those convention pics--I always enjoy that sort of thing (I should've done that on my TransformersCon report but never got around to posting any. Oh well...)