Friday, March 24, 2006

Transformers Comic Review...

Transformers Generations #1

Writer: Bob Budiansky
Artist: William Johnson, Kyle Baker

(New Covers: Ashley Wood, Nick Roche)

Synopsis: This is the premiere issue of Generations, a "new" comic that reprints the classic Marvel comics in a new edition with new covers. This first one reprints Issue #7 of the original Marvel U.S. comic, titled Warrior School! If you need a memory refresher, the story chronicles Ratchet as he ponders what to do now that all the other Autobots are incapacitated while Shockwave and his Decepticons are roaming free, large and in charge. Ratchet returns to the Ark to assess the situation for himself where he encounters Megatron. The Decepticon plans to eliminate him but Ratchet realizes he has lost control of the Decepticons to Shockwave and convinces him to let him go so that he can go find the Dinobots and reactivate them--they can take out Shockwave. Megatron decides to do just that...

Comments: A nice walk down memory lane... of all the TF comics that have gone before, I loved the Marvel series (odd bad issue not withstanding) so this is kinda neat. Of course, we all had access to the TPB collections of the original comics in recent years so anyone that really wanted them likely got them already. Still, this series introduces new readers to the classic stories for cheap (which is always a plus). It's a shame they couldn't start at the beginning and go in order, but since some of the earlier issues involves stuff like Spiderman showing up, they couldn't print that (since Hasbro owns the TFs and stories but not Marvel's stuff). On that note, how come they can reprint this issue when it clearly mentions The Savage Land (i.e. a Marvel thing)? Or did they figure Marvel wouldn't notice/care? (maybe they didn't even notice the reference themselves?) Next issue jumps ahead to reprint issue #13 of the Marvel comic--the one where Megatron is damaged and found by a two-bit thug that uses him for his own agenda.
A typo found in this issue: Ratchet tells Megatron (on page 20) "Help you... defend Shockwave!" Obviously, he meant "Defeat Shockwave". I never caught that until now, but I'm pretty sure it's a mistake from the original comic (IDW just scanned and reprinted this as far as I know).

All in all, you'd only need this comic if you haven't already seen the original comic. If you own either the original or TPB version, skip it (unless you want the nice new cover art--I got Ashley Wood's painted cover. I liked Nick's cover too, but didn't want to spend money on two copies).

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