Friday, March 24, 2006

Transformers Comic Review...

Amazing Fantasy #19
"Death's Head 3.0 - Unnatural Selection" (Part four of five)

Format: Ongoing (multi-issue story arc)

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Shannon Gallant

(Cover Art by Lucio Parrillo)

Synopsis: The story starts off with Ray Hidalgo rushing to hide in a church. He starts to do something with a welding torch when Death's Head bursts in on him. The rest of the story flashes back six hours where Agent Braccia is concerned that he hasn't checked in with her. She asks his colleague, Ms. Breski, about him but she doesn't seem too concerned since they're all busy with the upcoming treaty. Elsewhere, Ray has used AIM's computer to figure out exactly what Goddard is up to and tries to send an email to warn someone about it. Goddard has shut down the comm systems that reach out of the base however, so he sends it somewhere else. Breski shows up then and tells him his mother is ill...he saves what he's found to disk and rushes off with her. Later on, we learn his mother has been dead for years and Agent Braccia had used Breski to get him out of there, fearing he was in trouble. He tells her he knows everything and she tells him to meet her at the Madrid safehouse for extraction. Elsewhere, Hub Controller Avi Flint (the guy in charge of AIM's eurobase) recieves Ray's email and reads it. He goes with others down to confront Goddard. She surprises them however when she emerges from her high tech iron lung and tells them her nanotech has regenerated her to the point she no longer needs it. She kills them... Elsewhere, Hidalgo's car is attacked by Death's Head and he escapes from it's flaming wreckage while his driver/bodyguard tries futilely to stop DH. Hidalgo steals an old mo-ped and makes some distance on Death's Head, but the android shoots his bike, forcing him to flee as best he can on foot, injured. Agent Braccia and GEIST show up at the church Hidalgo took refuge in and find they're too late--he's already dead!

Comments: The action really heated up in this part, which was something I appreciated since the first three parts were all set-up. Hidalgo's dead. It looks like I was right about that happening in my last review (he wasn't essential to the story). The art this time was by someone new (James Raiz did the first three parts) and I didn't like their style as much--it wasn't terrible per se, but different from the other parts (I hate it when they switch artists in a short enclosed story like this). The new artist is less for details in the frames then Raiz was and it's annoying. Otherwise, the story was pretty interesting and I look forward to the finale in part five. Will Death's Head go through with the assassination? Will Goddard get what she wants or what's coming to her? I suspect DH will be able to overcome his programming in time... also, Hidalgo was doing something with a welding torch--I have a feeling this may play into events in part five (something that happened which hasn't been revealed as of yet).


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