Monday, October 17, 2005

Virtual Transformers TV Season 4 Project, etc.

I was recently contacted by Rodimus_2316, one of the Exectutive Editors of the Virtual Season 4 project and a member of Georgia Transfans in relation to my CDROM project. He wanted to know if I wanted to include the episodes, of course I said yes. Though, to date, it looks like there are none to include. There are at lest 35 people in thier Yahoo Group and I hope that soon there might be some material. If you are interested in this type of project please visit:

Virtual Transformers TV

It is possible that if they have enough interest they could branch out into other TF generations.

On what I would call a stange note: I just received my copy of this month's Master Collector (That thing the official TF Club's newletter arrives in every other month) and the ad I was running for the TransMasters was not in there. I know I selected the "run until I change" box. I also noticed that niether the Georgia or NE Transfans advertisements were there. I wonder what Fun Publications will say about this? So far my interactions with them have proved fruitless. Maybe he (Brian) didn't like my complaint about BotCon? I have to say that I am seriously wondering about spending my dues on real toys rather than continue membership with the official club (due to renew in Feb of 2006).

I have to say thank you to all of you that have graciously offered assistance with medias that I may not yet have. I will probably be getting ahold of you soon and we can swap lists perhaps? Mark Tisdale has given me the go ahead to scan in his TransVerse media (I have several of the originals, as I was for about a year his copier/distributor, though I by no means have the entire collection.) Right now I'm sort of kicking myself for not realizing there were 2 TransMasters Universe runs, the one for the TMUK and one Tony Buchanan had produced (4 issues I beleive). If anyone has the US version let me know. I think this would be a great start for an online verion, though you might want to send in updated character profiles.

I have been working on scanning in Teletran and I hope to post some new stuff to the ecards site in time for Halloween. I'm looking for a new job and it may be that my posts will have longer periods between them, I suppose that's life. Thanks.

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