Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TMUK Metrodome DVDs

As many of you are probably already aware,
Metrodome in the UK has gained the rights
to the Takara series released only in Japan
and have began to release subtitled versions.
Below are some of the views of the UK TransMasters
Metrodome TMUK Reviews

For Transformers
The Movie: Reconstructed DVD

Headmasters DVD:

I'm trying to see if any TMUK member would
be interested in becoming a middle man and
take paypal payments for these. You can use
your credit card to buy directly from Metrodome,
but I don't like to when doing something international.
Your call there.

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primus16 said...

Do like I do and go get a Visa gift Card for use online. My bank issues them for the range of $50 to $500 then I call the customer service to get the card set up for online use. Once the card is emptied I go get another. As long as I use it up in 30 days it does not cost any extra fees. If some one does get the card # I have nothing for any one to take since once the card is empty it is worthless