Sunday, June 19, 2005

TransMasters Symbol Contest

Want to make your mark on the club? Here is your chance to do so. Introducing the first ever TransMaster Symbol contest. Between now and June 30th work to design your own symbol to post a link to it here in the blog and then make sure that between July 1-5 you vote for your favorite by adding comments to this post. Whoever wins the contest will receive my
BotCon 2004 G2 Breakdown Action Master. (Before you all jump up let me give you the skinny: The package is faded and somehow his left leg has come loose inside the package. It might also have a bit of water damage to the package.) I'll send this to anyone that wins. Including to the UK since I'll be posting this to the email message boards too.

Here is my example of a symbol:
I call it Matrix's Third Eye

Thank You for your participation. Good luck!

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