Saturday, July 11, 2015

Transmasters Magazine is back!!!

It's been a while but the latest issue of the Transmasters Magazine is up and ready! Check out the Late Winter/Spring 2015 issue here:

Featuring toy reviews by myself and profiles by Jay Gutzman you can't go wrong! (This issue's a bit lean but I wanted to get it out already. I hope to have the Summer issue ready in about August).

- Thunder

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Pierrimus said...

Nice issue. About RID Grimlock, I thought the same thing, they turned him into Bulkhead! Sigh. From what I can see on the YouTube bids the show is trying a bit too hard with the gags and for some reason it feels disjointed. Optimus popping in and out as a ghost when Bumblebee's fat is in the fryer does not help. When I saw Fix It for the first time I thought, uh oh a new Wheelie. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the series plays out. Am more interested in the rumored Combiner Wars series at this point. Thanks for the work on the magazine. I'm playing around with a couple of 3D printed items with the old TM symbol on them (ring, coin/checker piece). Hope to post them soon to Thingiverse.