Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cyber Phasors Coloring and Activity Book

Yes, I know it might be a shameless plug, but I decided to share this with my Transmaster friends. You may have seen my post about this on Facebook, but that was a link to buy it. Here to you my friends is a free link to download the slightly bigger than 11 MB .PDF file of my Cyber Phasors coloring and activity book. (OK, originally I called these characters Cyber-Roids: Cyber Vehicles-Mighty Droids but of course Droids belong to Lucas, then I thought they phase forms so call them Phasers, but that's Trek, so Cyber Phasors is my ultimate name. I also changed the good guy leader's name from Max Track to Ultra Track again because there's too many "Max Track" applications like the shaving razors.)

Link to PDF file

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Thunder said...

Kewl! :)