Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comic Review...

Cover "B" by Livio Ramondelli
Transformers Spotlight: Trailcutter

Writer: James Roberts
Artist: Matt Frank
Covers: Matt Frank (A), Livio Ramondelli (B), Clayton Crain (RI/RE)

Summary:  STEALTH ATTACK! Trailcutter has a problem: the Lost Light has been taken over by the Decepticons—and no one else seems to have noticed! Can the Autobots’ defense strategist singlehandedly see off an army of infiltrators? And even if he does, will it convince his crew mates that he's got more to offer than kind words and forcefields?

Comments: This issue tells us why Trailbreaker changes his name to "Trailcutter" (I don't care about these Hasbro mandated changes. He'll always be Trailbreaker to me--just like Hot Rod will never be "Rodimus" just because).
   On the plus side, it also shows us the Deluxe Insecticons, characters who rarely, if ever, get any spotlighting in a TF story.
   Otherwise...meh. The artwork fails to impress me and the story was kind of run of the mill. Trailcutter has to save the day when the others are incapacitated and hijinks ensue. It's not a bad story or anything it just didn't really impress me either. It doesn't move the overall story along and I don't really know enough about this character (in this continuity) to be all that interested in his plight.

Verdict:  Average.

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