Friday, February 15, 2013

Comic Review...

Cover "B" by Livio Ramondelli
Transformers Spotlight: Thundercracker

Writer: John Barber
Artist: Chee
(covers by Chee, Livio Ramondelli and Clayton Crain (RI))

Summary:  In the dark days of the war for Cybertron, THUNDERCRACKER had a special mission--one never revealed before! Now, as he faces off against BUMBLEBEE for the first time, the fate of METROPLEX--and an entire civilization--is at stake!

Comments:  Thundercracker is part of a team lead by Bludgeon in deep space, searching for any sign of the titan, Metroplex.  With his skills, he determines how to track Metroplex's unique energy signature and leads the Decepticons to a planetoid where the Titan is hidden beneath the surface. While there, he watches an organic life-form try to assist Bumblebee (who had come to defend the inhabitants with some other Autobots). He is fascinated by the alien's resolve and informs his party that he's found nothing (a blatant lie) and leaves. Metroplex is awoken by his departure and subsequently teleports away.
    Of the current batch of spotlight comics, this one is easily the best. The story is tight, highlights the titular character and is entertaining. Thundercracker is not like his fellow Decepticons (which goes right back to his original tech spec) and this is well shown throughout the story. He lies to his superiors and ultimately keeps them away from exploiting Metroplex's advanced technological power. The story doesn't meander and is actual relevant to the larger story at play as well as concluding its point in one singular issue. A textbook spotlight story.
   The art, by Chee (whoever that is. This is the first I've heard of him, I think) is competently drawn and easy to follow.

Verdict:  Excellent. A must-buy!

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