Monday, August 06, 2012

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Transformers: Regeneration One #82

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Andrew Wildman
(covers by Andrew Wildman, Guido Guidi and Geoff Senior)

Summary: DINOBOT MONTH! And ex-Dinobot commander GRIMLOCK wishes it wasn't! His quest for a means to restore his ability to change modes takes him to Nebulos--a world off-limits to TRANSFORMERS, where a welcome that's more incendiary than warm awaits him. Plus, KUP and THE WRECKERS find themselves stranded, hunted and in a whole world of pain. Quite literally!

Comments: The story continues! Kup and the Wreckers struggle to survive on a ruined Earth against Megatron's forces while Grimlock goes to Nebulos in hopes of finding a new body that can transform once more. We learn Starscream is still alive (but apparently lobotomized) as is Ratchet. Still no sign of Shockwave or Galvatron yet (hopefully they'll turn up eventually in some fashion or the other).
   To be honest, I wasn't really expecting Furman to try and explain the fate of the lost Headmaster characters original heads in this story... I had assumed they'd been disassembled and built into the binary armor somehow. The original mini-series was vague on that detail so I guess this story turn can work too, but it really wasn't high on my list of concerns. I'm actually more interested in what the heck happened to Earth in the intervening twenty one years and wonder why none of the Autobots thought to try and monitor the world discreetly in any way.
   I do hope we get past the set-up stuff and into a good story shortly. Right now, it feels like we're catching up on forgotten story threads from the original comic (or perhaps that was the point all along? :)  It's fine to relive the forgotten stuff but I want to see him press forward into new territory too. G2 didn't get too caught up in irrelevance at the time and I hope Regeneration One doesn't wallow in it any longer then it needs to in order to get things going.

Verdict:  Very Good.

Cover "A" by Andrew Wildman

Cover "B" by Guido Guidi

Retailer Incentive Cover by Geoff Senior

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