Saturday, July 14, 2012

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Transformers: More Then Meets The Eye #6

Writer: James Roberts
Artist: Nick Roche
(covers by Alex Milne and Nick Roche)

Cover "B" by Nick Roche
Summary: MADNESS IN SPACE! A rescued Autobot loses his grip and it's up to Hot Rod's questing team to stop him-before the damage becomes irreparable! This is surely one of the most intense Transformers tales ever committed to paper!

Comments: This issue marks the return of Nick Roche to the art duties. Whether he's back for good or just for the issue, it was cool to see his art grace the title once again. I have the cover "B" (Nick's art) but until I examined it closely I thought the character on it was Thundercracker for some reason (the coloring, most likely) but it's actually Fortress Maximus. A good concept but maybe they could've done something to make it a bit more distinctive in some way (like a close-up with hands grasping about his head/top).
   This issue sees the fall-out of Fortress Maximus' trauma at the hands of Overlord on Garras 9 in the Wreckers mini-series. He puts on a brave face but not surprisingly isn't handling it all that well. A supporting character dies near the end of this issue and another one is severely wounded. We also get a startling revelation about a secret aboard The Lost Light (yet another one!) 
   Another issue where Roberts story is tighter then the initial stories for MTMTE. Not sure if this is because he's getting more focused or purposely sprawled a bit more on the earlier issues to help establish everyone. Either way, I've liked the last two issues better then the earlier ones due to this change. I do hope this doesn't turn into Wreckers 2 though... the drama is good but I don't need a reiteration of that story and the tone of this particular issue does indicate that direction as a distinct possibility for where the overall story could go.

Verdict: Good/Recommended.

Cover "A" by Alex Milne

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