Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: How To Draw Transformers Prime

How To Draw Transformers Prime

Publisher:  IDW
Writer/Artist:  Nick Roche
Price:  $4.99 USd (I paid $5.03 Cdn)
Available:  Now

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Comments:  I picked this up on a lark when I saw it, figuring it might be a good reference guide for drawing the Prime characters. I don't usually bother with "how-to" art books (in fact, this is the first one I've ever actually bought). After examining it, I realized Nick Roche did it (they should've had his name on the cover but don't. Perhaps they figured kids primarily would pick it up and wouldn't know who he is?)
   It goes without saying, but the art is pretty good (granted, it's just characters standing there and basic "draw a stick figure then do the details in, etc." type instruction but he does a good job on what's there).

   I especially enjoyed the inclusion of non-marquee characters such as Airachnid, Breakdown and Skyquake. The book doesn't include any humans in it (presumably assuming the reader would rather draw the cool robots). I'm neutral on the humans thing. I could take it or leave it so their absence doesn't really matter to me one way or the other.

Verdict:  Good. Worth picking up if you want good character references to draw off (especially for characters such as Skyquake, who doesn't have a lot of official art out there currently).

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Pierrimus said...

I also recently picked this up. I am disappointed that these books seem to skimp out on the vehicle modes entirely. Also would've liked to see the finished robot image a bit larger. Some of the commentary definitely seems like he wasn't aiming this towards the beginner. At least I picked it up for less than retail on Amazon. 8-)