Sunday, March 06, 2011

Opening Shots, part two...

It's done finally. Newly added to the TM Winter Magazine, is Opening Shots, Part Two:

This continues the first part from the Summer 10 issue, which is available here:

Eventually, the story will be finished in part three or four (I have 22 pages plotted out). Part two was a bit rushed art-wise but I hope people like it (I also hope people can read the text okay. I might need to fix some of it?) Comments are welcome (hint, hint).

- Thunder


UberNerdyBoy said...

Good story, with interresting visuals. did you use comic life for the text ? that would explain some minor stuff when text gets to close to it's borders. or maybe i could finally need glasses. -Johan

Thunder said...

Thanks for the comments! :) I did the text in a low-tech way with GIMP, but unfortunately the method I used is a bit inconsistent for size.