Tuesday, February 09, 2010

RobotSteel Art

Model, Hannah Flattery, with the @robosteel Transformer using the @bluefacevoip phone
Hannah Flattery (model) with the @RoboSteel's Optimus Prime. I think you guys are old enough to see this, right?


Thunder said...

Oh no! Optimus has shrunk! ;-) That be one of Old Dirty Optimus' hos, it be.

Earlwin said...

Ha, ha! I think that metal hulk could really kill her and destroy some property if it tips over at 30 foot.

On another note, I just found the correct RSS feed link to this blog,


We have to turn on the RSS feature first, before it can work.

Thunder said...

If someone knows how to turn the RSS feed on, we should definitely do that.

Pierrimus said...

Hey, what the? Sorry I just referred to this blog for a class assignment I am doing and checked. WOW?!? Prime's got to have a hot time there, hmm maybe Hasbro has missed out on a marketing ploy. Sure slap some real pretty lady on top of Bumblebee and there sells the toys. Ha ha. So I am hoping at some point to return to doing something for the club even though I am selling off all the TFs. I will see if I can get that RSS turned on, I thought it was already. Take care.