Sunday, January 24, 2010

Comic Review...

Transformers: Bumblebee #2

Writer: Zander Cannon
Artist: Chee

(Covers by Guido Guidi and Chee)

Summary: Blurr speeds along after his narrow escape in TF #3. He is trying futilely to find Hot Rod's Autobots but instead runs into Bumblebee and his warriors. He freaks out and shoots Bumblebee's "SVI" badge but the others capture him (too bad he's not really fast or he could've evaded them). Bumblebee reports back to Colonel Horiuchi and starts acting defiant, a time during which we find out his badge won't work to incapacitate him--Ratchet tells him to act as if it does though, so they can use it to their advantage. Bumblebee agrees and follows along. He convinces Blurr to go find a Volkswagon to stand-in for him when the humans come there tomorrow to try and repair Bumblebee's damaged badge. Bumblebee gives a stirring speech how he got them in this mess but will get them out of it as well... he goes off to find a mineral that is used in the radar cloaking component in their badges. He encounters Scavenger there--but the Decepticon refuses to help. Bumblebee drives off then (what about the mineral?)

Comments: In this comic, Blurr speaks as he used to in the comic and cartoon--really, really fast with his words blurring together. This was an okay gimmick in the old continuity--but in the new IDW one it's been established that Blurr doesn't do that. He still moves fast but he doesn't talk fast anymore. I love that IDW doesn't believe in editing their comics... inconsistent art, stories that generally line-up but miss really obvious details that no one should be able to miss. If one writer gets a detail wrong, the editor should be there to catch it (that is their job, is it not?). But either no one does or whoever edits the comic gives it a quick, general once-over and approves it. I can understand if it were over many years, many comics and many details but this stuff is inexcusable! If IDW doesn't care enough to get it right, why should I waste my money for sloppy story telling? Otherwise, the issue is okay--Bumblebee didn't really lead the Autobots into this situation though. He took Wheeljack's advice (who is curiously absent here) and got in contact with the Humans in the first place. As mentioned in the summary, Blurr is really fast on his feet but allows the Autobots to capture him anyway? That makes no sense and no one tries to explain it either. I also think this story could've just as easily been told as a sub-plot in the main title but someone got the bright idea to stretch it all out so we can buy two titles instead. Wonderful. We know what IDW thinks of its readers, don't we? Generally, this story is a build-up to something happening in another issue or two. Yawn.

Mildly recommended.

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