Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Comic Review...

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #10

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Guido Guidi and Emiliano Santalucia

(covers by Casey Coller and Trevor Hutchison)

Summary: Megatron and Bombshell discuss the space bridge newly built in New York City and how it will help usher in the new order. Shortly after, Starscream and his cronies appear to challenge Megatron--who has seen this coming. On Cybertron, the Autobots await the Swarm's next attack. Prowl doesn't estimate their odds as being very good while Prime admits to Tracks that he's scared--but he'd rather face this then one of Kup's drills. The Swarm attack then... The Decepticons attack Megatron, who easily fends them off and tells Starscream he's been waiting for him to make his move and decide what side he was truly on--Megatron's or his own. Then, the Constructicons attack him! The Autobots fight the Swarm but are slowly being overwhelmed... then Omega Supreme arrives and forces the Swarm into a retreat. He transforms and takes the others to Earth. Megatron battles Devastator and goads him on.
Nearby, the other Decepticons notice a squad of jets filling the air and realize the humans are fighting back.

Comments: A good issue, in the sense that stuff happens. Also, we get some decent characterization from the characters (all of them in general) and some good plot elements. I really don't have much critical to say about this issue. I do hope Megatron defeats Devastator though--there is more then one precedent for a leader being able to do this (Megatron in Transformers #25 against Predaking and Optimus Prime against Monstructor in Spotlight Prime. Also, Prime against Devastator in the cartoon, Heavy Metal War all come to mind). One criticism, actually... the whole space bridge thing. Really? Is that the best they could do? I'm so tired of plots revolving around building a space bridge, blowing up a space bridge or taking control of a space bridge network. It's as bad as using the Quintessons or Unicron as the ultimate evil constantly. I don't want to waste money on comics that rehash the same tired plots that were new when I was ten. I want new ideas now, new directions. Not the same old thing because someone was too tired to think of something new and cool, or because they want to do a homage of some sort. Otherwise, though, a good issue.



Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #5 (of 5)

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Nick Roche and James Raiz

(covers by Nick Roche and Marcelo Matere)

Summary: Sludge appears to be dead. Grimlock feels responsible and Snarl saves him from being blasted by Scorponok. Scorponok tells them they've ruined everything and he will have to move on and begin again somewhere new--once he's dealt with them, of course. Shockwave takes the heat off the Autobots while attacking Scorponok himself--he will have vengeance himself. The Dynobots want to cut and run but Grimlock is determined to see this through to the end and tells them so--he's staying, no matter what. Hot Rod agrees, leaving the Dynos there. Grimlock tries to resuscitate Sludge while Shockwave and Scorponok continue their battle. Shockwave bests him and allows him to retreat, further ticking Grimlock off. Hot Rod gets below ground and finds Scorponok's original head... Hunter is there too and tells him to disconnect it, thus rendering Scorponok disabled. However, Scorponok stops him before he can act. On the surface, Grimlock and Shockwave continue their battle... the other Dynobots come back to give him a hand. Slludge recovers as well (thanks to Grimlock's efforts earlier) and joins them. Meanwhile, Shockwave uses Soundwave to permanently disable the self-destruct system Skywatch implanted in his head. Simultaneously, he uses his knowledge of Soundwave's transformation lock to disable it and allow him to be free as well (this happens remotely, incidentally). Grimlock uses a grenade to blow up the building he and Shockwave have gone into and stop him. Nearby, the other Dynobots find Hot Rod and Scorponok and disable his head, thus shutting him down for good. Just then, Ultra Magnus arrives and tells them he'll help them clean up the mess. Epilogue: Sunstreaker is in a CR chamber and will be okay while Hunter's had his connection dampened as Ratchet doesn't know enough about the tech to safely remove it all. Verity and Jimmy are happy to see Hunter once again and tell him so. Ultra Magnus takes Scorponok, Shockwave and Grimlock away to face justice... he tells Grimlock his own sentence should be off-set some by his assistance in capturing the other two. Grimlock is happy to finally be owing up to his own responsibility. Back on Earth, the remaining Dynobots repair their ship and prepare to leave...

Comments: A decent ending to the story--certainly better then Revelations ending was for that overall arc. I can't say this story blew me away or really changed anything in a serious way but it was a good distraction for what it was. I think I would've preferred Scorponok or Shockwave actually dying in the end so it all mattered more--but Furman chose the safe way and kept his story options open instead. Oh well... The art was a mixed bag. I like Nick Roche's style generally and I like James Raiz's art too. But combined together, they just don't work... the art styles clashed badly. Whoever drew Jimmy and Verity, the art was awful and the characters were unrecognizable (their hair was the right colors but...) I don't know why it's so hard to get an artist to commit to drawing five issues of one title. I hate this whole mix-and-match thing IDW keeps doing. All in all, a decent TF story...


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