Sunday, February 08, 2009

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Transformers Universe (Classics series, G1)


I haven't done a toy review in some time but I just got Classics Cyclonus and wanted to share some thoughts. The toy is already out in the States (and theoretically here or coming soon--but haven't seen it around where I live, so I bought a pricier one at a local toy shop that had it). I hope they do up a Scourge to go with this and Cla-Galvatron.

The Good: A nice toy all around. Looks like the Cyclonus of old (not some bad homage toy that has little in common with the original namesake). Relatively easy transformation (despite being a "level four" on the package). Stands easily and not too kibble-y (not that I worry about that all that much on my TFs, but...) The U.S. version is a dark purple and well suited to the character in my opinion (the Japanese one will be more of a powder purple color scheme. I have one on order too since both look nice). Good articulation and detailing. Comes with Nightstick Targetmaster partner--a nice touch and awesome! Adds to the play value of this piece. (Despite the pics below, Nightstick's leg are black, not grey).

The Bad: For a deluxe, this toy seems a bit smaller then the original Cyclonus toy was. Conversely, the original was a brick compared with this one so I think I'd rather have the added articulation as opposed to a bigger and more static toy. Left hand is a solid plastic piece with no hole, unfortunately, which means he can only hold his gun in the right hand (I'd rather have both open and see no reason why they didn't do that).

Verdict: Do yourself a favor: if you find this toy, BUY IT! IT IS AWESOME! It's every bit as good as the pictures make it appear.

(Japanese version)

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