Friday, September 12, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #2

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Guido Guidi

covers by Guido Guidi and Trevor Hutchison

Synopsis: The story starts off with a couple hosting a picnic at their home with several guests until a helicopter arrives to pick up the man--one Colonel Witwicky. He goes to the army base where's he informed that giant robots are attacking New York. Meanwhile, The Decepticons cause more chaos and mayhem. When confronted by army reinforcements, Soundwave uses Frenzy to drive them all mad with his powers and attack them. The entire force is wiped out. The Decepticons close off all the bridges and access to NY and use Devastator to attack the tunnels too.

Comments: Another near-pointless issue that serves only to introduce us to this new human character, Colonel Dan Witwicky. Otherwise, it's just more Decepticons vs. humans "action" which gets boring quick. There's a passing mention of the Machination which seems to confirm this is indeed the mainstream universe while still ignoring how everyone got into their current forms/returned from the dead, etc. Generally, a waste of time as stories go. Also, why is this story called "All Hail Megatron"? He hasn't really done anything to this point--certainly he's not the focus of the story. Perhaps they couldn't think of a better title? Maybe it'll get better as it goes?


Transformers Spotlight: Double Dealer/Revelation, part 3

Writer: Simon Furman
Artists: Dan Khanna, Frank Milkovich with Robert Atkins

covers by Nick Roche and EJ Su

Synopsis: Recent plot points are brought up, leading to the present where Dealer and Hot Rod discuss going to find the Magnificence (the thing from Spotlight: Hot Rod). The two travel back to Ki-Aleta where Hot Rod reminisces about the mission they were both on that went wrong and thinks how it still doesn't make any sense. Dealer reassures him that it wasn't his fault, etc and Hot Rod feels better. He leads Dealer to the Magnificence up on the peak where he hid it. Dealer tells him to ask it a question so he does--he asks it if Dealer betrayed them all those years ago. It replies "yes" so Hot Rod turns and shoots him just as Dealer is about to do the same. Dealer falls off the mountain to his demise. Meanwhile, Nemesis Prime comes to Garrus-9 where he and Optimus Prime confront one another. He uses some kind of Negative Energy he has to injure Optimus. He reaches out to finish the job... Hot Rod contacts Ultra Magnus and catches the other Autobots up to speed on just what is happening. Jetfire plans to try and override Thunderwing's mind control while Jhiaxus decides to utilize his reserve minion--Bludgeon--to help ensure his side wins.

Comments: A good issue and I was happy to see some resolution at this point. Hot Rod triumphs over Double Dealer and the Autobots finally get some definite answers. Of course, they'll have to lose the Magnificence or it will be too much of a deus ex machina every time they need intelligence in the story. I look forward to the final part.


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