Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New proposed segment for Magazine?

Ever seen a toy and thought "that would make a perfect ______________"? I know I have. And here's my first attempt:

I call it Classics Seaspray. I'll try to make up some sort of M.T.M.T.E. entry in the future. But let's get back to the objective of this new section. Try to come up with your own repaint/remold of existing toys. I don't care if it's G1 through the movie toys, just give it a go and share with the rest of us. In the image to the right I used colors off the other various color schemes in the TF Cybertron series (this came from one of the hasbro key code unlockables).

We'll need a name for this segment. I've also been toying with the idea of designing your own "exclusive" characters and sharing them. Since I don't have the money to probably have my designs made into toys, I figure I'll probably end up sharing them. I have one that's just sort of a sketch of a larger (say 20th An. Prime sized) Roller that transforms into a robot. I've missed this little guy even if he was just sort of a drone. If you remember he was always referred to as another character in the Autobot camp during the cartoon. (Heck Hasbro could even repaint it twice, once for MP Ultra Magnus and then for a possible MP Nemisis Prime/Scourge.)

Let me know what you think. Thanks and keep on Transforming.

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