Sunday, January 07, 2007

IDW to publish official TF club comic...

Straight from the official club website...

"Attention all Club Members!
IDW recently announced that they will be publishing the complete collected Cybertron story that was released as part of the Club newsletter. If you joined the club at some point after the start of the story, this is a great opportunity to see what you missed. If you already have all 12 issues of the newsletter then be sure to take advantage of having the complete
first and second year of the story in one collected issue with some great new cover art by Dan Khanna. This title will be available through the Club and at your local comic book shop.

Don't forget!
The Cybertron story that follows two seemingly normal, yet very powerful Transformers, Skyfall and Landquake, continues this February in the pages of the ALL NEW Transformers Club Magazine. On a new planet and far from home the two will meet another very like themselves, as well as some "Classic" characters who are entagled in their own epic war. Make sure you are signed
up to take advantage of this and the many other great Club offerings available now and coming soon!"

So, if you're interested in reading the club comic serial or having it collected together, this is your opportunity. (Personally, I think the comic is terrible but that's my two cents :).


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