Thursday, December 07, 2006

Comic Capsule Reviews...

A quick look at recent TF comics that came out...

Transformers Timelines
Dawn of Futures Past **Retail Edition**

Writer: Forest Lee and Peter Sinclair
Artist: Dan Khanna, Alex Milne and Marcelo Matere

Summary: The Pre-Beast Wars tale that brings all our heroes together (Same as convention edition).

Comments: This is the exact same thing as the convention edition. Its differences are: a new cover; Prime and Megatron profiles; new ads for the TF club (instead of a convention schedule).
This is not worth buying if you already have the convention version... (I have both and wish I hadn't bothered for all the little differences there are in this one). I do like the cover to this one better then the actual con version had, btw. If you don't have the con version already, you might want to check it out for the story--it's decent enough (though nothing spectacular). See the full review from early October for more story/art details.

(Retail Cover)

(Convention Cover)


Transformers Spotlight #3
Hot Rod

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Nick Roche

(Covers by Nick Roche and James Raiz)

Summary: Hot Rod undertakes a dangerous covert mission to rescue a former comrade from a high security Decepticon prison.

Comments: Great art and a good story (although I liked the Shockwave one best of this series, thus far). I like that Furman is trying to bring in Hot Rod and flesh him out as a character a bit more then has been done before. (I bought the Roche cover this time around, btw).


Transformers Escalation #1

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: E.J. Su

(covers by E.J. Su, Klaus Scherwinski)

Summary: Megatron holds a conference with his warriors, asking them if they will still be loyal to him. If not, he'll destroy them. All agree to remain loyal. Elsewhere, the humans are to be returned to their lives, as per Optimus Prime's orders. Ironhide and Sunstreaker will escort them home... the Machination plan to take on the Transformers and even know where their base is located. As the two Autobots emerge, they are followed and then the trap is sprung!

Comments: A good first issue to this next chapter of the story. The art is consistent and the story seems to be moving into an action phase... little of great relevance happens, imo, except for the beginning of the Machination's plans and Megatron's apparent desire to step things up on Earth.

Mildly Recommended.

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