Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Blogger Blues

Well as you are probably aware, we still ended up having more adult related spam junk. Thanks to Tony K. for keeping a close eye on this. I was shocked because I had turned on the Comment Moderation feature. Coupled with that I should not have had more of these, but since someone seems to be good at faking out my email adddy, I've done a couple more things. One, I've changed the our blog email addy and kept it from being published. If you want it you'll have to email me directly. Second, and I was very reluctant to do this again, I've changed it back to the "members of this blog only". While I was in the process of doing this another spam message arrived with my name on it. This time it did not send out, I hope. It had some kind of military career title but was marked as a draft. I immediately deleted it.

I guess Blogger doesn't think I should have to moderate myself?

Still working on Mag, going to be another very late one. My work is putting way too many hats on an already over taxed neck. Gotta Roll into bed.

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