Saturday, August 06, 2005

TransMasters International CDROM-web page debug

I know it's probably overkill to post this here and on the Yahoo groups, but here goes:
Wanted: Art, stories, comics, etc. to be used to create the first TransMasters International Archive CDROM. I figure this will become a once per year product if there is enough materials submitted. This is sort of a backwards look at where we have been and what we have done. Plus, it's an invaluable research source. You can email the materals to my new , or you can snail mail me at Peter Phelps, PO Box 386, Somerset CA 95684.

I've built a temporary test web site out of Earlwin's:
It is still in the debugging stage, but you should be able to use the online membership and Tech Spech forms (I still want to see if I can make it attach .jpg and .gif files to the sent email). Some of the links might not always work, be patient with me. Thanks.


Thunder said...

A few nitpicks to correct on the main page...

"when Liane "Tetra Reis" Elliot had"

Minor typo: she was "Tetra Reris". :)

"At one point dues were created (an item at the time that I was clearly against, but that's beside the point) of $10 per year to help pay for AutoUpdate, address lists and other correspondence"

- This is inaccurate. The newsletter of the time was called "TransAction II" (and something else--the Cybertronian? Or something like that). Anyway, it was NOT "Auto-Update" and Tony Buchanan was not in charge at the time. The club secretary was Laura Pearson (not sure if I spelled that right) and the treasurer and her did indeed require a due. The money and treasurer then disappeared and she eventually did as well (not sure if it was a deliberate act or just entrusting too much money to stupid people).
Later on, Tony B. started his Auto-Update newsletter and got people interested again. It indeed ran until 99 when he ended it for personal reasons and because the internet was in full swing by then, anyway.

Otherwise, I like the new page. Keep it up! :)

Pierrimus said...

Sorry big time to Tony Buchanan there. What was I thinking??? I would never intentionally goof up this badly. It was TransAction and then 3 issues of The Cybertronian. I've fixed it, also the spelling error. I suppose I should spend a bit of time creating a club timeline, though I don't know much about the origins beyond what Liane may have said in the medias. I joined after that issue 79 was published. Yea Laura was President then, Mark Tisdale picked up the pieces and then shared as Co-President with Tony B., then in Sept. 1996 Mark dropped out of the Presidency altogether. (I know because I just scanned the AU with that info in it.)

Thank you for being my editor on this and I hope to do better in the future. I just changed the links page there because I only saw one active and relative link on the gear thing. I hope this page is more informative. My next ad in September's Master Collector will refer to the blog page instead of the main site and my new email address. I did it online so hopefully it will come out so people can read it, I'll bet anything people have been trying to send email to with the dash.