Friday, July 15, 2005

TransMasters Comic 0 1/2

Alrighty then...

Here's the TransMasters Comic issue 0 1/2

You should be able to just click the above and it will ask you if you want to open or save it to your hard drive. If you downloaded that CDisplay program, you should be able to use it to view the images directly from the .zip file. One note: You should right click to bring up the menu in CDisplay and then click Configure, then check the Fit if Oversize box to make sure they don't go off the screen. I learned this trying to view the Warlog comic.

Otherwise you can just unzip the files, they're all .jpg format, and view with your favorite web browser, etc. They are image0.jpg = cover and imagea.jpg-imagei.jpg.
Please let me know if you like, hate, comments, etc. $2.00 was the price at the show and probably cheaper than they cost me to make. Enjoy.


UberNerdyBoy said...

what can i say ? your art has a very distinctive feel about it. not saying that i hate it because i rather like it. it may seem to an unsuspecting reader at times a bit messy but to me that's just the amount of detail given to the characters and in my mind a definite plus. this is more or less what i liked so much about the marvel comics, so many diverse artstyles instead of a housestyle (DW)
I'll further say that the colors combined with the good lettering made it even more pleasant to read.
you can see that a lot of work went into this.
nice job.
btw, that TM comic is a good idea. let's all get to work this summer and not lie in the sun ;)

Pierrimus said...

The TransMasters Comic is going to basically be whatever the fans come up with. I'm not going to reign it in unless it's a bit too obscene or lude,since kids might buy them. It can be anything you like at any generation. We might make it longer or shorter depending on submissions. I really am now not certain any "print" media will continue due to costs. But, the online format is probably the direction it will go. As for me doing more, I'm probably creatively tapped for a while, but should be back on it if I have the time. I have plenty of other TransMaster projects still waiting to be completed too as the Archivist/President, which I expect to boom now that the Master Collector with my ad has reached the public. The comic will be just that, a comic.

I'm hoping to come up with a TransMasters Magazine that will include stories, character profiles, etc. Although there won't probably be much focus on Transformers News like before
since you can get daily doses of that through the forums and there's no way we can really
compete with them on that level. I'd like to see some Kitbashes, Costume designs, custom stuff there too. Maybe some new puzzles, top tens, Creation Central, etc that people liked from the old newsletters. It may end up being that the Blog itself evolves into this. It really ends up depending on what the membership demands/wants and are willing to participate by submitting.
Continuity and timelines are more
a part of TMUK's set up, for most part I don't care if every member wants to have their own Universe and make stories/art/etc, just as long as it is Transformers related.

I have a bit of a problem when we begin to get into crossovers. I know it's cool to have some mixtures like GI joe, since both belong to Hasbro. But when we have other stuff from Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, etc. we begin to step into the boundry of various right holder that could not take this as kindly as Hasbro has. I probably won't make a "do not do this" rule, but I will place a line somewhere that states that the member is fully responsible in the case that these
property owners take any legal actions. (I hate getting so lawyer like on this stuff, but like one of my Real Estate Professors said: "You can be sued right, wrong, or indifferent.")