Friday, July 15, 2005

What Do We Want to Advertise Most About TM?

Hey everyone,
Next month I'll be doing a show in Louisiana called Mechacon. It's for anime and Transformers. I'm hoping to really push the TF part with my merchandise and whatnot. I'd be happy to put out some flyers for TransMasters and see if we can get some new circulation--besides, this convention will be sort of a "warm-up" for BotCon a month later--so what general information about TransMasters would we most want people to know?
From what I remember the club originally started way back in 1984, but that might be a good thing to verify! Obviously links to this blog and the web ring would be good. What else would be important to mention?
(Come to think of it these would also be good things to advertise online as well...)
Also, I wanted to mention that I have a professional heat press for t-shirts, so when we get to that point I can make some of those no problem.
Thanks! Take it easy, and long live TransMasters!



Thunder said...

We should tell them how to find us/join up and, I think, try to push the benefits of joining. How they can be a part of our growing community and contribute. Show them that it can be fun to be a Transmaster.

Thunder said...

Another comment here... we should design some cool TF/Transmasters T-shirts and make them up. I think that'd be sweet! We never really had any before (at least, I don't think so). Just a thought... :)

Pierrimus said...

Good comments and yes we're working on all of this. Here's the address to a set of flyers that I used at CyberCon 2005. I have done some revising to make it easier to read, added the blog address, etc.
Although I've extended the symbol vote to the end of July, I did go ahead and use the Matrix's Third Eye for some Iron On transfers. If you have Avery Design Pro V 4, you might like to try to use this file. Of course you can remove the text and just print out the symbol if you like. The file's only 238Kb, so not too big.